About Us

For more than 85 years, the Mid-Peninsula Water District (MPWD) has provided its customers with safe, quality water. Along with this unwavering commitment, we also offer friendly, professional service.

Our Mission

The mission of the MPWD is to deliver a safe, high-quality, reliable supply of water for current and future generations in a cost-effective, environmentally-sensitive, and efficient manner.

Our Vision

The MPWD strives to be recognized by our ratepayers, the community we serve, and other agencies for our outstanding service and enlightened water conservation programs. We will employ innovative approaches to water and energy sustainability to achieve cutting edge environmental efficiency and a competitive rate structure. We will commit ourselves to provide community information and water education.

Stategic Goals

  • To effectively manage the water resources, demands, and infrastructure for the District.
  • To operate the District at the highest level of service to ratepayers at the lowest expense.
  • To maintain an environment that fosters open and candid communication with the community, ratepayers, staff, and directors.
  • To keep current with water issues and industry best management standards.


The Mid-Peninsula Water District, formerly Belmont County Water District, was formed in 1929 from the physical plant of 7 independent systems, including the Spring Valley Water Company, which were united and began functioning as a public utility in 1930. Since the first operation, the District has purchased its entire water supply from the City of San Francisco Water Department. The District now supplies water to consumers in an area slightly larger than the city limits of the City of Belmont. Small portions of the service area are within the City Limits of the City of San Carlos, Redwood City, and parts of the unincorporated County of San Mateo. The District's service territory covers approximately 5 square miles and serves approximately 28,000 people. In the event of an emergency the district can serve or be served with inter-ties between neighboring utilities, as of today the district has 1 inter-tie with Foster City, 3 with San Carlos, 1 with Redwood City and 3 with San Mateo.

The Mid-Peninsula Water District has two main inlets. From Tunnels Pump Station, located on Canada Road near Crystal Springs Reservoir, and Hillcrest Meters, located in Redwood City, water flows through pipes in a variety of sizes ranging from 4" to 24" in diameter. Within the system there are 10 storage tanks in which a combined total of 11,360,000 gallons of water are stored. Though most of the system is gravity fed, the system includes 9 pumping stations that allow the Water District to pump up hill when needed. Belmont's average daily consumption during summer months is 4,800,000 gallons per day and the average daily consumption in winter months is 2,500,000 gallons per day.