Rates and Fees

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is currently undergoing a $4.3 billion Capital Improvement Program and has raised their wholesale water rates to all customers. The Mid-Peninsula Water District relies solely on the purchased water from SFPUC and we are trying our best to absorb as much of the increase as possible. Unfortunately, in order to maintain a high quality of service and maintain all infrastructure the MPWD water rates were increased and will take effect July 1, 2015. There will be gradual rate adjustments for five years (beginning in 2015) to cover the costs of the SFPUC increase.

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Effective July 1, 2016 the water rates will include an additional $0.32 due to the SFPUC pass through. The initial proposed rate increase to wholesale customers was $3.78 per hcf for 2016, however, the actual rate increase was $4.10 per hcf. Pursuant to Government Code, the MPWD reserves the right to increase its water consumption charges to recover any additional unanticipated SFPUC water rate increases. For more details download Water Service Ordinance No. 116

Current Rate Schedule:

Service Charges per meter size

Meter size in inches Charge
5/8" $24.00
1" $36.00
1 1/2" $60.00
2" $96.00
3" $144.00
4" $240.00
6" $600.00

Residential Rates:

Cost per unit*

  • 0-2 units: $5.62
  • 3-8 units: $8.22
  • 9-20 units: $9.82
  • 21+ units: $11.42

Commercial Rates:

Cost per unit*

  • 0-5 units: $7.57
  • 6+ units: $8.67

Fire Service Charge

  • $1.25 per residential connection
  • $6.25 per commercial connection

*Unit is equivalent to 748 gallon