UPDATE Regarding Your New MPWD Bill Statement

As part of MPWD’s ongoing modernization of its water meter infrastructure and billing software, and its commitment to customer satisfaction, your NEW billing statements will be different. Here are some of the changes:

New Account Numbers
1. All customer account numbers will change from 8-digit to 9-digit format. The service ID # will be removed and no longer used.

New Water Consumption
2. Consumption (“Cons”), your total number of units.
3. Statements will continue to show a breakdown of tiered water rates and usage

New Usage Charts
4. Water consumption will be displayed in a simpler format, with current usage displayed side-by-side with previous year’s usage.

On April 21, the existing MPWD online customer portal will be discontinued. On April 24, go to MidPeninsulaWater.org and you will be directed to the new Civic Pay portal, where you can pay your water bill, set up recurring payments, store payment options, and monitor your water usage with convenience and confidence.

1. ALL MPWD Customers will need to register their NEW online account through Civic Pay. Please have your new 9-digit customer account number ready.

2. ALL MPWD Customers who have their bills paid automatically through a credit / debit card will need to log into Civic Pay to set up the recurring payments.

3. ALL MPWD Customers will receive paper statements until signed into Civic Pay to select the paperless option.

We appreciate your patience during the transition process. For further information or questions, please contact us at mpwd@midpeninsulawater.org or 650.591.8941.

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