Capital Improvement Program Retrospective

Buckland Tanks Replacement Project

In 2012, the Mid-Peninsula Water District (MPWD) initiated plans to replace the aging Buckland water tanks within its system. The two 100,000 gallon steel-welded water tanks, which were built in 1955, were identified as seismically unstable and beyond repair that would be cost effective. Working closely with nearby customers, the Cities of Belmont and San Carlos, the fire and police departments, and PG&E, the MPWD staff, District Engineer, and contractors worked diligently to demolish the old tanks and build new ones. The project required sensitivity to the local surroundings, such as close proximity to neighboring homes and power lines, and various challenges such as the extreme compact area to work within, maintaining water supply to customers, and rigorous attention to safety. The project was completed within three years and under budget by $39,000.

The time lapse video below follows the start-to-finish of the demolition and reconstruction of the North Buckland water storage tank. The contractor removed and constructed a new ring foundation, tank structure, and retaining wall to stabilize the site. The aged fencing around the perimeter of the tank site was removed and replaced with ornamental fencing with input by the neighboring customers. Landscaping around the tank beautified the site, including drought- and deer-resistant plants

The new Buckland water storage tanks not only bring water storage to modern standards in terms of design and safety, but also secure reliable water supplies for MPWD customers and enhanced fire protection for decades to come.

MPWD is committed to providing sustainable water resources for future generations and continues to identify and address water system infrastructure improvements through its 5-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP). For more information regarding MPWD's CIP, please follow this link, or contact MPWD at 650-591-8941.

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