MPWD Teams Up with Local Scout on Sustainable Garden

BELMONT, CA (June, 2016) – In May of 2015, the MPWD was approached by Thomas Kish, a local scout, with a proposed community “Demo Garden” concept to meet the requirements of his Eagle Leadership Service Award. The objective of the project was to “plan, organize, lead, and manage a team of volunteers in serving the needs of a local religious, educational or non-profit and commercial in nature institution.” Kish chose to design and implement a drought-tolerant landscape across from its Dairy Lane offices to demonstrate for MPWD customers the use of water-efficient, native plants in a sustainable garden. Kish is pictured below with friends and family members that volunteered during the project.

Preliminary work began in the fall of 2015 and included: plant research, execution of a site plan drawing, volunteer coordination, budget estimations, fundraising, and creation of a work schedule that outlined three work stages. Stage one included site preparation—debris clean-up, trim and removal of existing trees/bushes/plants, surface leveling, raising of the required soil bed, and installation of a weed block product. This stage was completed in March of 2016. Stage two set in motion the installation of oleanders, wax leaf privets, yellow wave flax, society garlic, and lavender plants. This stage was completed in mid-April of 2016. Two weeks later, stage three was completed, which saw the installation of a drip irrigation system (with the option to hand water with recycled rain-water collected on site) and the addition of mulch and plant labels so visitors can identify varietals for use in their own yards. Doggie waste receptacles were added to ensure the integrity of the easement. MPWD hopes to enter Kish’s drought-tolerant garden in the “Going Native Garden Tour” showcase for 2017.

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