Leak Detection

Mid-Peninsula Water District (MPWD) urges all water customers to be proactive in searching out leaks both inside and outside of your household on a regular basis. Not only will it save water and money, but prevent larger problems and expenses that may develop in the future.

Contact MPWD at info@midpeninsulawater.org or visit our office if you need assistance in locating the leak detector on your water meter, or, would like to obtain free dye leak detection tabs. Remember, even a small leak left undetected or unfixed can waste precious gallons of water. Be water smart during the drought.

New Meters Catch Leaks Faster

For the past two years, MPWD has been replacing its old water meters with new automated meters that alert staff to potential water leaks on a daily basis. This is a major help to customers in conserving water and saving money on their water bills. “A daily leak report is automatically emailed from MPWD’s website to its customer service personnel and actions are taken immediately to contact customers about a possible leak,” notes MPWD Engineering Tech, Brent Chester. He also adds that transmissions from the new meters will NOT affect garage door openers because they operate on a completely different frequency. Approximately 2,000 meters were in place at the end of 2013.